Sony Home Speaker

Sony just partnered with Google to create THE ultimate home speaker! Not only is aesthetically pleasing it is also has a variety of awesome features that will definitely make the competition rethink their models. Everyone is always on the market for the newest gadgets and we all love our music so keep reading to find out more.   Read more →

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge colours-970-80

Samsung Galaxy S7: Small Changes, Big Impact

Each year, Samsung unveils a new smartphone in their Galaxy product line and each year, they hardly disappoint. Their phones were primarily criticised for their plastic casing, which resulted in a rather mediocre feel, however the Galaxy S6 severely improved on its model by introducing a nice mixture of glass and matte to create a smooth metal exterior. The downsides to… Read more →


LG Stylus 2 announced prior to MWC 2016!

LG surprised its phablet fans all around the world several days prior to one of the biggest mobile exhibitions by announcing the LG Stylus 2, which is a slight upgrade to it’s 2015 predecessor, the LG G4 Stylus. The recently announced phablet steps into the spotlight with very subtle enhancements over its previous generation, and possesses the following specifications, as… Read more →


Surface Book not gliding as smooth as it had hoped – Bugs and Hardware issue galore!

Problems have Surfaced The Surface Book has only been on the streets for about 24 hours and has already received a wave of complaints and reports of serious bugs. This is very bad news for Microsoft as this is their first official laptop. A large group of Surface Book owners have started spreading the word of their dissatisfaction on online… Read more →