New iOS for Apple Watch – OS 2


New software for your snazzy wrist watch, what a world we live in right? So the Apple Watch has got its first big update since its release, OS 2. Unfortunately, a lot of the OS 2-enabled apps are not available yet. For you who do not know, you can own one of these trendy devices for $349 starting price. They do however go up all the way to $17.000, if you have the money, why not? The new update features Wi-Fi connectivity, new designs for the watch face, a long list of additional Siri capabilities, email replies and even navigation options.
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So, with all these new features, does the watch start to match up to its hefty price? Well if you want to be quick on the draw with things like messages, emails and notifications then the Apple Watch sitting firmly on your wrist can be a convenience. I personally longer need to retrieve my hidden iPhone 6 from the depths of my bag to check and email or text message. The Apple watch has its benefits and with this new software it can really come into its own.

Try it out!

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