Surface Book not gliding as smooth as it had hoped – Bugs and Hardware issue galore!

Problems have Surfaced
The Surface Book has only been on the streets for about 24 hours and has already received a wave of complaints and reports of serious bugs. This is very bad news for Microsoft as this is their first official laptop. A large group of Surface Book owners have started spreading the word of their dissatisfaction on online forums. The biggest problem is that the problems are not just limited to software bugs that can be fixed by a quick update in the near future. A lot of the complaints being voiced are about faulty or down right failing hardware. TechRadar has summed up a long list of issues that have Surfaced, pun intended.

  • Dead on arrival (or badly limping on arrival) Surface Books
  • Random crashes and lockups
  • Surface Book systems working fine until they’re updated, following which they fail to load
  • Surface Book systems failing to boot when in the dock
  • Detaching the Surface Book from the dock results in an error (the most common being related to SearchUI)
  • Weird screen color temperature issue when scrolling web pages (see video below)
  • Random display driver errors displayed every 10 to 20 minutes
  • Random trackpad freezes
  • Problems physically connecting/disconnecting the dock, with some users ending up with the screen half-disconnected
  • A screen wobble due to a weight imbalance between the screen and keyboard
  • No ambient light sensor controlling the brightness of the backlit keys, something that most laptops – especially premium models – have these days
  • No quad-core CPU option for those wanting more power
  • Concerns about the strength of the hinge

Lets see if Microsoft can pull it together, but we have our doubts…

Surface Book problem-970-80

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