Leaked pictures of HTC’s newest smartphone, the HTC 10



Although HTC did not reveal a new phone at MWC 2016, that doesn’t mean that they were not working on one. On March 4, 2016, pictures of an unknown HTC phone leaked onto the internet, courtesy of OnLeaks. According to the website, the new phone will simply be called the HTC 10. The phone has similarities to their last generation flagship phone, the HTC One A9, more specifically in the front of the phone. However when looking at the backside, they reverted to a more typical HTC-style design, instead of copying iPhone features. 


When HTC launched their HTC One A9 in November 2015, the company  received a lot of criticism for the design of their phone, which was near identical to the iPhone 6S, which was released 2 months earlier. Their regression back to an HTC style may be a result of the negative comments they received on their model last year and may be the boost they need to get them back into the smartphone spotlight.


The new phone is expected to have the following specifications:


  1. 5.15-inch QHD display
  2. Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor
  3. 4GB of RAM
  4. 12-megapixel camera


These specifications put the phone on the same level as other 2016 high end phones, however has a slightly smaller screen compared to other comparable phones.
Nonetheless, it is good to see that HTC is still crafting beautiful phones with great specifications. Their sales have not been as high as they expected, however there is always a chance to step back into the spotlight if the Taiwanese company continues to produce high quality and reliable phones.

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