I’ve recently upgraded my phone from the Samsung Galaxy s6 edge to the Samsung Galaxy s8 (finally I know). With my new phone of course the first thing that came into my mind was that I need case pronto, because I will not allow my new baby get hurt – because lets be real I’m pretty clumsy. After doing much research I finally found by far my favourite website…

After endless searching, I just couldn’t find the perfect case – there was something always lacking in all the designs. Not to mention they are all just so cliche! Finally I found mypersonalisedcase.co.uk, which literally allows me to design whatever I want on whichever type of case all without me spending a good chunk of my paycheck and sacrificing my first newborn. With cases starting from £9.95, it’s quite a steal and its personalised!


The website itself is very easy to navigate and the whole process can be completed in three easy steps!

After you chose your phone model and which type of case you want

  1. Choose a photo or one of your designs that you want on the case. The best part is you can also upload it from Facebook or Instagram – so anything is within reach.
  2. Upload the photo and using the super user-friendly design module you can adjust the photo and add some text.
  3. Click done, fill out the information, and next thing you know the case is printed and is on its way! (No joke, they make the case within 24hr – if ordered before 16:00 the case is made and shipped out same day!)

Of course I chose the s8 3d printed hard case because I wanted something sleek and I loved the idea of the sides being printed on as well! But of course mypersonalisedcase.co.uk offers a wide variety of phone models, from the newest iPhone to the LG v20. In addition, you aren’t just stuck on one type of case either as some websites.

The process is as easy as it is on paper – the part that took the longest was choosing a design! I chose the 4-6 business day shipping option and it came on the 4th day, no issues and it looked outstanding (see below). All in all I would definitely order more cases from mypersonalisedcase.co.uk, recommend it to all my friends, and follow them on Facebook!