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Gadgetglobal2After finally upgrading my phone from the iPhone 5 to the iPhone 7, the first thing that came into my mind was to protect it as soon as possible but not with those tasteless raw or pre-designed phone cases that everybody has. Instead, I decided to search on the internet, a good way to have a phone case designed by myself.


After endless searching, I just couldn’t find the perfect case, there was something always lacking in all the designs. Not to mention that they are all just so cliche! Finally, I found My Personalised Case which literally allowed me to create a personalised phone case with whatever I want and on any type of case, without spending a good chunk of my money. With cases starting from £12.95, it was the best deal!


My Personalised Case is specialised in personalised phone cases but I saw that you can also customise Bluetooth speakers. The website itself is very easy to navigate and the whole process can be completed in a few easy steps!


Gadgelglobal5Of course, I chose the personalised iPhone 7 case with a full wrap case because I wanted something matt and I loved the idea of the sides being printed on as well! My Personalised Case offers also a wide variety of phone models, from the latest iPhone X to the least recent LG v20. In addition, you aren’t just stuck with one type of case compared to some websites. You can choose between the hard case, the silicone case, the wallet case and the full wrap one!


The process is as easy as it is on paper: you choose your type of case, then you place the design you want to use – that was the longest step for me because I couldn’t decide myself on which design to choose – then you can place some effects, some stickers or some text and that’s it! I chose the 2-3 business day shipping option, it came on time and it looks outstanding! I will definitely buy other cases from them!


As some of you might know, I like getting information about a lot of things and a little bird told me that they were working on a brand new design for the website and also an upcoming custom t-shirts release. I therefore advise you to stay on the lookout and often check their latest features!


I also greatly advise you to make your own phone case with My Personalised Case. You won’t be disappointed!



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