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Surface Book not gliding as smooth as it had hoped – Bugs and Hardware issue galore!

Problems have Surfaced
The Surface Book has only been on the streets for about 24 hours and has already received a wave of complaints and reports of serious bugs. This is very bad news for Microsoft as this is their first official laptop. A large group of Surface Book owners have started spreading the word of their dissatisfaction on online forums. The biggest problem is that the problems are not just limited to software bugs that can be fixed by a quick update in the near future. A lot of the complaints being voiced are about faulty or down right failing hardware. TechRadar has summed up a long list of issues that have Surfaced, pun intended.

  • Dead on arrival (or badly limping on arrival) Surface Books
  • Random crashes and lockups
  • Surface Book systems working fine until they’re updated, following which they fail to load
  • Surface Book systems failing to boot when in the dock
  • Detaching the Surface Book from the dock results in an error (the most common being related to SearchUI)
  • Weird screen color temperature issue when scrolling web pages (see video below)
  • Random display driver errors displayed every 10 to 20 minutes
  • Random trackpad freezes
  • Problems physically connecting/disconnecting the dock, with some users ending up with the screen half-disconnected
  • A screen wobble due to a weight imbalance between the screen and keyboard
  • No ambient light sensor controlling the brightness of the backlit keys, something that most laptops – especially premium models – have these days
  • No quad-core CPU option for those wanting more power
  • Concerns about the strength of the hinge

Lets see if Microsoft can pull it together, but we have our doubts…

Surface Book problem-970-80

The Big Release – Apples big Show

All those goodies!

Apple recently held is yearly product event in which it flashed the world with its new fancy toys. In this post we will be looking at just what has been given to us to enjoy for the coming year. The event was held in Cupertino. Tim Cook started with his yearly routine of telling us just how great Apple is and how they have had an amazing year of sales. Non of this of course is a lie because Apple have truly been on roll lately.
So lets dig in. Apple started us off with the new iPad Pro. This iPad is both larger and faster than all other iPad’s on the market. The screen comes to a total of 12.9 inches. The screen has a ipad-progreat resolution of 2756 x 1768 which can rival most high end laptop screens out there. In addition, the iPad Pro comes with the newest A9X processor chip set. This chip should be 1.8 times faster than its predecessor.

The iPad Pro comes in at 6.9 millimeters thick and weighs a little over 700 grams. Using this iPad in combination with the newest Smart keyboard cover, you can almost start to question the need for a laptop. The cover and the keyboard are ipad-pro-keyconnected via the smart port. Apple has also introduced the Apple pencil which feels a lot like the S Pen from Samsung. Apple gave use some great examples of the use of this pencil during their keynote session.

The prices of the iPad Pro and its accessories, like we are used to from apple, are not light on the wallet. The 32GB version comes in at just under 800 Dollars, 799 to be exact. The 128GB version will cost you 949 Dollars, the 4G version a bump up too 1079. Keyboard and Pencil will add up too 259 Dollars for the set and can be bought separately for 169 for the keyboard and 99 for the pencil.


Next on the list is Apple TV. In short, Apple TV turns your home TV set into a big iPhone or iPad. This is what we have been able to learn from Tim Cooks presentation about the device. It will allow you to stream video, apps and browse on your TV. For the 32GB version you will have to dish out 149 Dollars, the 64GB will come in at 199 Dollars. apple-tv-2015




Last but most definitely not least, the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus. The key features of this device are: 4.7-inch, 326ppi LCD; 7.1mm thick; 143g; 1.8GHz Dual-Core; 2GB RAM; 16/64/128GB storage ; 12-megapixel iSight camera; 5-megapixel Facetime HD camera. The new S variant of the iPhone 6 is once again a fast and smooth looking device. As always it has no change in exterior besides a little added weight and 0.2 mm thickness. The screen once again looks amazing and the besides this there is very little to say about the device.iphone-6s-6splus


China is the fuel on the fire for Apple – Not the watch

downloadA great article written by Engadgets Senior editor: Chris Velazco about the true drivers of growth for Apple:

“It’s that time again — Apple just dropped its Q3 2015 earnings and despite missing Wall Street’s always-lofty expectations, it’s been a solid three months of growth thanks to the two usual suspects. Say it with us now, folks: It’s all thanks to the iPhone and China. (If you’re the sort who cares, Apple just missed most Wall Street estimates by posting earnings of $1.85 per share.)

Just under 27 percent of the 49.6 billion dollars in revenue Apple generated in the past three months was thanks to Greater China, which is more than double the amount of the pie the country accounted for this time last year. (The addition of a ritzy, massive new Apple store in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong should help wealthy mainlanders get their fix that much easier, too). Meanwhile, iPhones were still far and away the most sought after gadgets in Apple’s portfolio with 47.5 million moved in a single quarter — not quite as much as last quarter’s blowout but a big lift over the year before. To hear CEO Tim Cook tell…”

For the full article, please visit:


The Newest – Apple 13-inch MacBook PRo

MacBook Pro 2015 review

A great review by Jonatha Morrison. Check out his Youtube channel for more great reviews. The MacBook Pro has been Apples solid pillar in the world of Laptops. The new MacBook Pro might be its very best yet. It has non of the shortcomings of earlier versions or other models such as the MacBook Air. There are some great new functions such as the new track pad force touch. Have a look at the review below for more!



A detailed review of the 2015 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro including speed tests, benchmarks and comparisons vs the 2014 2.6GHz i5

Phil Schiller explains the big question: Why does the new MacBook Air only have one port?

When Apple launched its brand new Apple MacBook Air, people loved its look its feel but not its access ports, or port should I saw. Apple was flooded with criticism focused on exactly that problem and as far as we can see here at GadgetsGlobal, nothing else. Apple calls this new port the USB-C.

apple-13q2-macbook-air-11-ports-lgPeople wondered: How am I supposed to charge my laptop and iPhone at the same time? Why do I have to spend $80 on an adapter that hooks it up to an external screen? Why doesn’t it at least have one USB port on each side, like the old MacBook Air? – Quoted from this QZ article: Link

Phil Schiller, who head product marketing for Apple, thought it was time to shed some light on the issue and this is what he had to say.


Here’s Schiller’s text, lightly edited. Or you can watch the video, embedded below—this part starts at the 56:16 mark.

What the design team first envisioned when we started working on MacBook was to say: If all we do is incremental, slight change, where’s the excitement? Where’s the value of Apple pushing things forward? We need to take bold risks. And if people don’t like it, well, they can keep buying the MacBook Air. They can keep buying the MacBook Pro.
But: Why don’t we design a product that’s around this wireless world that has really no physical connection that you need—you can get by without ever needing that. Wouldn’t that be a better world? And in doing that we realized, yeah, but we do need to charge it. So let’s go create this one port that can charge and be USB and be your video out. And that way, if you need to connect, you can. You’re not giving that up.
And if you do that, how far can you push it? How thin can it get? How light can it get? How aggressive of a design can it be?
I’m in my job for one reason: Because I’m a customer like all of you. I love these products. I love this company. I want this company to be the best Apple it can ever be. And one of the ways it can be the best Apple it can ever be is to take bold risks and try to think of new things others aren’t willing to do.
This is all the same mentality as—I remember when we took out the floppy. I’m sure many of you all do, too. It’s the exact same thinking! I sat in the room with friends of mine who worked at other companies in Texas and other places, and they literally said, “Oh my god I’m so jealous! We can’t do that! We can’t take the risk. Because if the world is going to be risk-averse and doesn’t want us to take away anything—you know, if Dell doesn’t have a floppy but Toshiba does, they’ll just buy the Toshiba. They’re all the same except if you’re missing one thing, no one will buy your stuff.”
They said, “You’re so lucky, you make something where your customers give you the opportunity to try something in a completely different way. And they listen to you and they try it. And if you have to adjust and make an external drive for a couple years, great, you’ll do it. But you get to make that change and move on.”
That’s the embodiment of this new MacBook, which is: Take a bold risk. Maybe some people will think it’s not perfect for them yet. But for a surprising number of people, it’s already their future laptop.
* For more reference and a video of the interview with Phil Schiller, please check out article here: Link

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