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Surface Book not gliding as smooth as it had hoped – Bugs and Hardware issue galore!

Problems have Surfaced The Surface Book has only been on the streets for about 24 hours and has already received a wave of complaints and reports of serious bugs. This is very bad news for Microsoft as this is their first official laptop. A large group of Surface Book owners have started spreading the word of their dissatisfaction on online… Read more →

China is the fuel on the fire for Apple – Not the watch

A great article written by Engadgets Senior editor: Chris Velazco about the true drivers of growth for Apple: “It’s that time again — Apple just dropped its Q3 2015 earnings and despite missing Wall Street’s always-lofty expectations, it’s been a solid three months of growth thanks to the two usual suspects. Say it with us now, folks: It’s all thanks to… Read more →

Phil Schiller explains the big question: Why does the new MacBook Air only have one port?

When Apple launched its brand new Apple MacBook Air, people loved its look its feel but not its access ports, or port should I saw. Apple was flooded with criticism focused on exactly that problem and as far as we can see here at GadgetsGlobal, nothing else. Apple calls this new port the USB-C. People wondered: How am I supposed… Read more →