Huawei P20 Pro VS Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

Nowadays all smartphones are competing in terms of innovations. In this article, I will put side by side the two leading devices of the year, the Huawei P20 Pro and the Samsung S9 Plus. The two smartphones are the most advanced in their range at this date. We could have thought that Samsung would have a small lead because they introduced their… Read more →


What is Apple planning with the iPhone SE?

Apple recently announced their next upcoming event, set to take place on March 21, 2016. The company is expected to announce a new iPhone, iPad and probably a couple new software features. But the main story that has been buzzing on the internet has been the much anticipated iPhone SE. The majority of iPhones have maintained a 4-inch screen, up… Read more →

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge colours-970-80

Samsung Galaxy S7: Small Changes, Big Impact

Each year, Samsung unveils a new smartphone in their Galaxy product line and each year, they hardly disappoint. Their phones were primarily criticised for their plastic casing, which resulted in a rather mediocre feel, however the Galaxy S6 severely improved on its model by introducing a nice mixture of glass and matte to create a smooth metal exterior. The downsides to… Read more →