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Introducing the iPhone SE, Apple’s newest “budget” phone


Earlier this week, Apple held an event in which they revealed two main devices, the iPhone SE and a new iPad Pro. The iPhone SE had made headlines over the past several months, with specifications slowly leaking out to the public.


The iPhone SE is seen as Apple’s triumphant return to the 4-inch market, where they originally resided and ruled. Apple’s introduction of larger screen phones surprised many of their customers, however with this new device, they now cover many all possible areas of the smartphone market. While many Apple users have accustomed themselves to 4.7 inch and 5.5 inch screens, having a 4 inch screen will allow some of those users to revert back to a comfortable 4 inch phone.


The SE will act as the company’s budget phone, especially considering that it is the cheapest phone that Apple will have ever released. The device is now available for pre-order at $399/€489/£359 for a 16 GB version. If customers would like to receive more internal storage, they have to dish out an additional $100/€100/£80 for a total of 64 GB.


One of the most impressive parts of the phone is the size to specification ratio. Everyone expected that the phone would be underwhelming, simply due to a smaller device size, however Apple has managed to pack a strong punch in its newest device.


Along with 2 GB RAM, the phone has a 12 MP camera that can shoot in crisp 4K. When shooting videos, video resolution and frames per second are as follows: 2160p@30fps, 1080p@30/60fps, 1080p@120fps, 720p@240fps, meaning that shooting regular HD videos will be as smooth as possible. While the phone’s back camera is very powerful, its front camera is somewhat disappointing, packing only 1.2 MP, however able to shoot 720p@30fps.


From a design point of view, the phone looks identical to the iPhone 5S, which is considered one of the most successful and popular iPhones up until now. The 4-inch model is arguably one of the most aesthetically pleasing models, which may have been the reason for its success. Companies around the world are already preparing all types of possible accessories, including fisheye lenses, portable batteries and docking stations and of course personalised phone cases


The phone can be preordered on the company’s website and at specific couriers around the world now! 

What is Apple planning with the iPhone SE?


Apple recently announced their next upcoming event, set to take place on March 21, 2016. The company is expected to announce a new iPhone, iPad and probably a couple new software features. But the main story that has been buzzing on the internet has been the much anticipated iPhone SE. The majority of iPhones have maintained a 4-inch screen, up until the release of the iPhone 6 in September 2014. Ever since that time, Apple has created a variety of different iPhones sizes, but they never reverted back to their roots. But now, that’s over.


There are many customers that preferred the earlier iPhones, claiming that a 4-inch phone fits better in their hands. In addition, the design of the iPhone 5 was one of the most popular and was viewed by the general popular as beautiful and clean. With sharper corners and a fine material, the phone gave off a very strong and reliable feel. With very good ratings in general, it was about time that Apple announced the iPhone SE.


Do not be thrown off with the phone size. A smaller phone does not equal a weaker phone. Apple is reportedly building this phone with specifications similar to the iPhone 6 and 6S, however put in a 2014 body. Unfortunately, a smaller phone also does not equal a much cheaper phone. Like the majority of Apple products, the iPhone SE will still be priced quite high, at around $450 according to Apple Insider.


So what exactly is the point of having this phone? Well Apple is developing this phone to round out its product line and to be able to satisfy its entire demographic. In the upcoming year, we can assume that their phone lineup will consist of the three following phones:


iPhone SE – 4 inch

iPhone 7 – 4.7 inch

iPhone 7 PLUS – 5.5 inch


By having phones at every size, with very high specifications and build quality, Apple has prepared itself to target a variety of customers in the high-end market. What is missing from their lineup is a low-end and affordable, however if a customer is looking for a cheap phone, they are recommended to purchase another generation iPhone or to look into another brand.


We are definitely excited to see what Apple announces on March 21, 2016 and we will do our best to keep you up to date!  

Leaked pictures of HTC’s newest smartphone, the HTC 10



Although HTC did not reveal a new phone at MWC 2016, that doesn’t mean that they were not working on one. On March 4, 2016, pictures of an unknown HTC phone leaked onto the internet, courtesy of OnLeaks. According to the website, the new phone will simply be called the HTC 10. The phone has similarities to their last generation flagship phone, the HTC One A9, more specifically in the front of the phone. However when looking at the backside, they reverted to a more typical HTC-style design, instead of copying iPhone features. 


When HTC launched their HTC One A9 in November 2015, the company  received a lot of criticism for the design of their phone, which was near identical to the iPhone 6S, which was released 2 months earlier. Their regression back to an HTC style may be a result of the negative comments they received on their model last year and may be the boost they need to get them back into the smartphone spotlight.


The new phone is expected to have the following specifications:


  1. 5.15-inch QHD display
  2. Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor
  3. 4GB of RAM
  4. 12-megapixel camera


These specifications put the phone on the same level as other 2016 high end phones, however has a slightly smaller screen compared to other comparable phones.
Nonetheless, it is good to see that HTC is still crafting beautiful phones with great specifications. Their sales have not been as high as they expected, however there is always a chance to step back into the spotlight if the Taiwanese company continues to produce high quality and reliable phones.

Samsung Galaxy S7: Small Changes, Big Impact


Each year, Samsung unveils a new smartphone in their Galaxy product line and each year, they hardly disappoint. Their phones were primarily criticised for their plastic casing, which resulted in a rather mediocre feel, however the Galaxy S6 severely improved on its model by introducing a nice mixture of glass and matte to create a smooth metal exterior. The downsides to the S6 model mainly attributed to the lack of basic features that Samsung decided to remove, such as an absence of a non-removable battery and expandable storage.


Well this year at MWC 2016, Samsung once again one upped their previous model, in a significantly insignificant way. While the phone’s visuals remained more-or-less identical, the phone has gone through many under the hood changes that make the Galaxy S7 an imposing force in the smartphone market. These small changes include allowing MicroSD cards with up to 200 GB of storage, a longer lasting battery, and better water resistance ratings. Additionally, this year’s model is being praised for having potentially one of the best smartphones on the market, which may come as a surprise to many, seeing as how Samsung downgraded the camera’s pixels from 16 MP (S6) to 12 MP (S7). But in this case, the megapixel downgrade results in a higher resolution and a higher photo quality. These small upgrades, which many people have been asking for, can most definitely help the phone be recognized for a potential “Phone of the Year” candidate.


For those into reading into a phone’s specifications, check them out, courtesy of CNET!


  • Android 6.0 Marshmallow software
  • 5.1-inch screen with 2,560×1,440-pixel resolution
  • Either 32 or 64GB of storage, depending on the region
  • MicroSD card slot for extra storage up to 200GB
  • 12-megapixel camera (get the story below)
  • Water-resistant (IP68 rating)
  • 3,000 mAh battery (versus 2,550 mAh on Galaxy S6)
  • “Always-on” display shows time, calendar or images from the lock screen
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor (or Samsung’s Exynos chipset in some regions)
  • Dedicated gaming feature makes it easier to record sessions and screenshots; a do-not-disturb mode blocks incoming notifications
  • Colors: black onyx, gold platinum

So, when can you expect to your hands on this year’s model? After its official announcement at MWC 2016 on February 21, 2016, the phone could be preordered. The official release date in the US and the UK is expected to be on March 11, 2016. Companies all around the world are beginning to produce all possible gadgets and accessories in preparation for this year’s blockbuster release. From wireless chargers, to screen protectors, to customizable Samsung Galaxy S7 phone cases, companies are sure to prepare for the large demand of one of this year’s best smartphones!

LG Stylus 2 announced prior to MWC 2016!


LG surprised its phablet fans all around the world several days prior to one of the biggest mobile exhibitions by announcing the LG Stylus 2, which is a slight upgrade to it’s 2015 predecessor, the LG G4 Stylus.

The recently announced phablet steps into the spotlight with very subtle enhancements over its previous generation, and possesses the following specifications, as provided by LG.


  • Display: 5.7-inch HD In-Cell Touch (1280 x 720)
  • Chipset: 1.2GHz Quad-Core
  • Camera: Rear 13MP / Front 8MP
  • Memory: 1.5GB LPDDR3 RAM / 16GB ROM / MicroSD
  • Battery: 3,000mAh (removable)
  • Operating System: Android 6.0 Marshmallow
  • Size: 155 x 79.6 x 7.4mm
  • Weight: 145g
  • Network: LTE / HSPA+ / GSM
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi 802.11 b, g, n / Bluetooth 4.1 / USB 2.0
  • Colors: Titan / White / Brown


While this year’s variation rocks the same screen size, resolution, and rear-end camera, LG has lightened the phone and improved its front-facing camera from 5 MP to 8 MP. Users will also have the possibility to the recently released Android Marshmallow 6.0, which will come right out of the box. However, one of the biggest adjustments that LG is boasting is an improved pen, with a nano-coated tip, which will significantly improve accuracy when writing on the screen.

With the LG Stylus 2, the company aims to continue with the original’s impressive battery life while also aiming for improved performance, which was often regarded as sluggish. The newest phablet hopes to continue to operate at a premium level, while maintaining its reasonable and mid-level price.

The LG Stylus 2 will make its first physical appearance at MWC 2016, which kicks off February 21, 2016.


The Smartphone is killing the bank card

So the days of physical cash are numbered, this we know. But its only recent replacement might already be on the back bench. I am starting to get the same feeling about this new way of payment as I am about how the storage drive/USB killed the blue ray.

What I am talking about is the new mobile payment method. You might be thinking that I am talking about the transfer of money from one account to another by use of mobile banking app. However, this is not what I am talking about. According to ING and Rabobank of the Netherlands, this new method of paying with your mobile in store is dramatically on the rise. To show you exactly what I mean, have a look at the image below.


This new technology allows you to use your mobile device like a bank card with integrated payment chip. This can finally solve the problem of bulky wallets. Banks want to push this new tech as a means of centralizing all your banking tasks. You will now be able to do everything that needs to be done with regards to your banking, via you mobile phone.


Pretty neat!

New iOS for Apple Watch – OS 2


New software for your snazzy wrist watch, what a world we live in right? So the Apple Watch has got its first big update since its release, OS 2. Unfortunately, a lot of the OS 2-enabled apps are not available yet. For you who do not know, you can own one of these trendy devices for $349 starting price. They do however go up all the way to $17.000, if you have the money, why not? The new update features Wi-Fi connectivity, new designs for the watch face, a long list of additional Siri capabilities, email replies and even navigation options.
Apple Watch review (11)-1200-80

So, with all these new features, does the watch start to match up to its hefty price? Well if you want to be quick on the draw with things like messages, emails and notifications then the Apple Watch sitting firmly on your wrist can be a convenience. I personally longer need to retrieve my hidden iPhone 6 from the depths of my bag to check and email or text message. The Apple watch has its benefits and with this new software it can really come into its own.

Try it out!

The Big Release – Apples big Show

All those goodies!

Apple recently held is yearly product event in which it flashed the world with its new fancy toys. In this post we will be looking at just what has been given to us to enjoy for the coming year. The event was held in Cupertino. Tim Cook started with his yearly routine of telling us just how great Apple is and how they have had an amazing year of sales. Non of this of course is a lie because Apple have truly been on roll lately.
So lets dig in. Apple started us off with the new iPad Pro. This iPad is both larger and faster than all other iPad’s on the market. The screen comes to a total of 12.9 inches. The screen has a ipad-progreat resolution of 2756 x 1768 which can rival most high end laptop screens out there. In addition, the iPad Pro comes with the newest A9X processor chip set. This chip should be 1.8 times faster than its predecessor.

The iPad Pro comes in at 6.9 millimeters thick and weighs a little over 700 grams. Using this iPad in combination with the newest Smart keyboard cover, you can almost start to question the need for a laptop. The cover and the keyboard are ipad-pro-keyconnected via the smart port. Apple has also introduced the Apple pencil which feels a lot like the S Pen from Samsung. Apple gave use some great examples of the use of this pencil during their keynote session.

The prices of the iPad Pro and its accessories, like we are used to from apple, are not light on the wallet. The 32GB version comes in at just under 800 Dollars, 799 to be exact. The 128GB version will cost you 949 Dollars, the 4G version a bump up too 1079. Keyboard and Pencil will add up too 259 Dollars for the set and can be bought separately for 169 for the keyboard and 99 for the pencil.


Next on the list is Apple TV. In short, Apple TV turns your home TV set into a big iPhone or iPad. This is what we have been able to learn from Tim Cooks presentation about the device. It will allow you to stream video, apps and browse on your TV. For the 32GB version you will have to dish out 149 Dollars, the 64GB will come in at 199 Dollars. apple-tv-2015




Last but most definitely not least, the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus. The key features of this device are: 4.7-inch, 326ppi LCD; 7.1mm thick; 143g; 1.8GHz Dual-Core; 2GB RAM; 16/64/128GB storage ; 12-megapixel iSight camera; 5-megapixel Facetime HD camera. The new S variant of the iPhone 6 is once again a fast and smooth looking device. As always it has no change in exterior besides a little added weight and 0.2 mm thickness. The screen once again looks amazing and the besides this there is very little to say about the device.iphone-6s-6splus


iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus – Video Review

Check out this great review about that iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus by Marques Brownlee. Subscribe to his channel for great reviews on a wide variety

of gadgets.


New specs are out for the Nokia Lumia 950 and 950 XL

We all love specs & who doesn’t love a large version of any device these days…

In a few days, October 6th, Microsoft shall finally uncover its new flagship devices. With almost 100% certainty we can say its going to be the Lumia 950 and Lumia 960 XL. There has been quiet a bit of speculation over the last few weeks and months about these devices.

The most recent news, or leak shall we say, is a picture of a slide where you can see the specs of these devices in Spanish. On these slides we can find the important specs for the Lumia 950. Right on the picture, a little less clear, are some specs we can see of the Lumia 950 XL. Microsoft has refused to comment on the leak, but on the images, its looking pretty good.lumia-950xl-slide-rumor

The specs that can be seen on the slides pretty much correspond with the leaks that have been coming out over the last few months. You can clearly see that the display will be a 5.7 inch QHD screen for the 950 XL. The Lumia 950 will have a slightly smaller screen coming in at 5.2 inches. It will however, also have a QHD resolution screen (2560 x 1440). The Lumia 950 will have a Hexa core Snapdragon 808 processor and 3000 mAh battery while the 950 XL ill be fitter with a octa-core Snapdragon 810 chip and 3300 mAh battery. With regards to the other specs, these are mostly identical. Both Lumia’s will be fitted with a 20 megapixel PureView camera on the back. On the front they will have a 5 megapixel selfie cam and an iris scanner which can be used to unlock your device for apps duck as Microsoft Hello. A few weeks ago we got a demo on this new feature. Both devices will come with a 3GB RAM and 32 GB internal storage. As always, a microSD slot is available.

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